Thesis: Makhraj Learning Application

Hi guys, it's been a while since I hiatus for about two and half year. So, here I want to share my final year project to all of you! and yes. I'm so excited to re-design my blog using my own idea. I use a template because I don't have much time to design my blog. So now, I'll re-design this blog. Today, I want to share my experience while I'm doing my final year project. As a multimedia student, I had a lot of choices to choose for my final year project. I choose to make a mobile application game for my first session of final year project but in second session I think I can't go any feature with mobile application game because I need to use new software to develop that game. So, I make a decision to change my topic in my second session of final year project.

I propose Makhraj and Tajweed learning application to my supervisor but she said I have to make the scope smaller because I don't have much time. So, I propose again, and make it smaller to Makhraj Learning. In the making of this mobile application, I've develop some interest in User Interface (UI) Design, because as you all can see only mobile application in game type are look interesting. Other than that, they all look minimalist. It doesn't mean it not interesting but there are lack of multimedia element in it. Some of the application really look like mobile encyclopedia.

From this project, I learn that the earlier we start working on something, the earlier we see the result. Because I do my project last minute, so there are still have minor error in it. I use Animate CC for this current mobile application but because of the error, I'll try make a 3rd version of Makhraj Learning application by using Android Studio.

Don't forget to download my mobile application! Click on link below to download my mobile apps

Makhraj Learning